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A company recognized in the world

Samwoo Co., Ltd., the first to manufacture and sell calcined gypsum for sulfuric acid and ceramic materials in Korea, has been recognized in the world for its technology accumulated through the years.

Main Customers
Water treatment, Ceramic, Medical practice, Chemical, Petroleum industry, Fine art etc.

Main Customers

We supply a variety of products, including sulfuric acid and calcined gypsum, to industrial sites.



Samwoo produces 16,000 tons of gypsum every year.

Water filtration agent

Water filtration agent

28,000 tons of chemicals for water purification are produced a year.

Viscosity modifier

Viscosity modifier

In addition, it annually produces 7,000 tons of viscosity index improver for lubricants.

Major exporting countries
Japan, China, Indonesia, Sri-Lanka etc.

Major exporting countries

Aside from Korea, the quality of Samwoo’s products has been recognized in countries around the world.

KS Authorized

Samwoo Co., Ltd. promises a more stable and continuous production with KS Certification.

We are developing products that pass the Korean Industrial Standards (KS), which is a guarantee approved by the Korean government for businesses that comply with producing quality products.

  • 1985 Pottery plaster

    KS 3802 – KSL9001

  • 1985 Aluminum Sulfate

    KS 3890 - KSM1411

  • 1990 Poly Aluminum Chloride

    KS 7744 – KSM1510

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