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SAMWOO Since 1957

SAMWOO CO.,Ltd is a company that respects human life and highly values technological development and product quality. Since its establishment in 1957, it has closely engaged in the business of plaster production for ceramic ware.

It has also developed new related technologies and expanded its business into various fields such as fine chemistry, including gypsum for interior and exterior materials for construction, industrial uses, cosmetic uses, dental surgery uses and other various chemical products to improve water quality environment. As such, the company has worked hard to enable people to live in an environment-friendly way.

Despite the company’s achievements, it does not rest on its laurels and instead continues to further develop its technology for the improvement of human life and to create value for our customers.

SAMWOO CO.,Ltd aims to become the most trusted company in our field by giving great value to our customers and by consistently providing the best quality products and services

It also aims to become one of the leading companies in its field in the 21st century.

Further, based on continuous growth and development through its infinite creativity and enthusiasm in taking on new challenges, we promise to uphold the sanctity of human life, fulfill our social responsibility and pioneer in ensuring the bright future of mankind.

Samwoo Co., Ltd will work even harder and make efficient use of the technologies and know-how it has accumulated in the past 5060 years for the betterment of human life.

CEO Sohyun Park

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